This is us, TechDomain

We are a highly motivated and proficient team of Storage technology experts and everything around it with considerable experience in solving real world IT problems and implementing best of breed solutions. Our operations comply with ITIL v2 and v3. We have extensive knowledge and experience gained through a diverse range of projects undertaken in various sectors since 2004. Our commitment to on-going in-house research and development ensures we remain at the forefront of Storage technologies and vendors, but also benefits our clients, as we only provide the very best this industry has to offer.

So, whether you are looking to replace, add to, or release the full potential of your current software/IT investment, we can help with the planning, development, execution, and on-going support requirements. We work with companies large and small - so if you're currently frustrated with your existing IT investment, get in touch and tell us about your current situation and future goals, we can then work out a solution to suit your requirement and budget, trust us your richer than you think and your success is my goal.

Marcos DeLima