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Some of our Services

  • New PC Installations
  • Overheating Problems
  • Memory upgrade
  • HDD upgrade
  • Removal of Viruses/Spyware
  • Home Wireless Network Install/repair
  • Linux Tuition
  • Blue Screen
  • Password removal
We are TechDomain A professional Company Covering the great Broward County

Virus Removal
We clean your device and completely remove all viruses, spyware, malware, stop Internet pop-ups ++ optimization

Printer Installation
Printer installation, WiFi or USB. Troubleshooting and diagnostics for possible repairs or replacements

Data Recovery & NAS Storage
External backups, data recovery from old hard drivers, online backup software.

Hardware Diags
Diagnose hardware issues on your devices so we decide the best and economic way to repair or replace it.

Network Installation/Configuration
Internet connectivity configuration. WiFi security. Homegroup definition and local network setup.
Operating Systems
Install, reinstall, updates, patches for operating systems like Windows and Linux any flavor!