Personalized Training

We just offer a handful different trainings. Before you proceed, I would like you to understand a bit about the market, so go to Monster or Indeed and check yourself how many opportunities are available for Linux Professionals. I'm not telling you will leave that training mastering Linux/Unix, If you dedicate yourself and study and get certified (I will show you how) I'm sure you will find a job that pays! In the end of the training I will show as well how to promote your resume on the web, participate of groups that matters and how to get expose you to the market. Storage administration is as well a niche, all the companies either small or large corporations will have a storage system. The most popular vendors are EMC with VNX Block/NAS and NetApp as well with Block/NAS. Both systems are very similar in concepts. Go to Monster or Indeed and verify yourself for chances to get a job, both has more than one thousand jobs posted nation wide.










♦ Our trainings are all virtual using WebEx
♦ You will need a computer to have the training
   - It can be a Mac or a Windows PC running
     Windows 7 and above
♦ You may need to have flash plugin installed
♦ We prefer Firefox or Chrome as browser
♦ Study material will be provided in PDF format
Training Format:
   - With diversified LABs with clear objectives
   - Lessons will be dependent of each other
   - Retakes will be available upon request no worries!
   - Other requirements may be necessary and will be
     informed after enrollment